Who Uses Healthy Tote - Teachers

Have you ever watched a teacher arrive to school and walk from the parking lot into the school? If so, how many bags was she carrying?

I promise I'm not stalking teachers, but I have noticed a few of my kid's teachers while I was in the drop off line before school.

They have a bag, a lunch bag, a purse and sometimes their own kids in tow. She (or he) is briskly walking into school trying to keep all the straps of her bags over her shoulder, trying to hurry and get to class without dropping anything. One strap falls, she fixes it and then her son drops his bags. As she reaches over to help her son, she drops her bags. It is a struggle to keep it all together.

Teachers need less to carry and less to keep up with.

Teacher Tote by Healthy Tote eliminates the need for multiple bags.

Teacher Tote Bag with Compartments

Teacher's Tote's spacious interior will fit her lunch, her important papers, those paper's she stayed up until midnight grading and so much more! There's even room to fit her wallet, keys, chapstick and other items she carries in her purse.

Three bags now become one!

Less to keep up with = a simpler life = less stress


Stylish Teacher Tote Bag with Compartments