Who Uses Healthy Tote - Personal Trainers & Coaches

Personal Trainers, Coaches & Body Builders will always hold a special place in our hearts at Healthy Tote. Our very first sale was to a personal trainer. She trained at multiple gyms, packed her healthy meals and was always on the go. She had folders for each client to document their workouts and progress. Healthy Tote kept these folders dry and separate from everything else while traveling to different gyms. As a personal trainer you can imagine the good example she set for others carrying her large water bottle everywhere she went! Everything fit in her bag.

This personal trainer (shout out Claire) became a good friend of Healthy Tote and she’s one of our biggest cheerleaders! I trained with her for over 3 years and participated in a transformation contest while under her direction. This competition was one of the contributing factors of my own personal struggles and breakthroughs that later led me to become a Health Coach.

While participating in this transformation, I trained like a body builder. It was an exciting time of my life and one I’ll never forget. There were tough workouts, a strict diet, classes to learn to pose, and oh the fake tan! (See the fake tan in the video below). During this crazy schedule, my Healthy Tote was right beside me. My timed meals and snacks were always with me. My posing manual was nice and dry separated from my water bottle and its condensation. Here’s a video from the day of my competition.