Who Uses Healthy Tote - New Moms

A trail of milk from a sippy cup is what started the whole idea around Healthy Tote. As a busy mom to a 2 year old, commuting almost 50 miles one way to work every day, trying to lose weight and manage to keep my sanity, I needed tools to simplify my life. That’s how Healthy Tote came about.

Healthy Tote was never intended to be a diaper bag. We figured since there were so many diaper bags already out there, we would focus on moms with older children. As it turned out, new moms love our bag too and women are using them as diaper bags.

Here’s a few ways Healthy Tote helps new moms out.

- Keeps formula, bottles and the wet stuff separate from the clean baby clothes, diapers, and older children's electronics.

- 2 bottle holders located on the inside to keep the bottles upright.

- Easy clean-up fabric. Use your baby wipes and clean up on the spot.

- Large open compartment to fit just about anything.

- Durable, military grade fabrics. This bag can take a beating!

- Snacks and food for baby, mom, dad and siblings will travel easily in this bag.

We’ve seen our new moms ditch the purse and baby diaper bag combo to carry Healthy Tote exclusively. Less bags = Less to keep up = Simpler Life