Who Uses Healthy Tote - Accountants & Bookkeepers

If you have read our “About” page on our website, you know that the trail of milk that started the bag was at an office location. The trail of milk from the car into the building, down the hall and into my office was the whole reason I needed a new bag! At that time, I worked as a full time accountant, commuting and hauling plenty with me every day. As an accountant I wanted a bag that would keep my lunch, snacks, water, son’s sippy cup (milk) separate from my calendar (I’ve always loved paper calendars), business papers, books and electronics. I couldn’t find a bag that met my needs.

As I was searching for a bag, I read forums with women that were trying to change their eating habits by eating many small healthy meals each day. These women worked in offices and were embarrassed by the many bags of food they brought into work. Although the foods they were carrying were healthy, they seemed to take up more space than processed packaged foods. Those nutrient barring fruits and veggies required more containers and space than junk!

There was another woman that was frustrated by her water bottle’s condensation on her important papers. And another woman that had fried her Apple computer because her water bottle leaked in her bag. All examples of working women that needed a bag.

Healthy Tote fixed these problems. The bag is large enough (21″ (l) x 8″ (w) x 12-½” (h)) to carry just about anything you would possibly need. The large amounts of healthy food are hidden away and it’s none of anyone’s business what you are eating. The water bottle is separate from those important papers and electronics. Take a look at the diagram below. There’s space for everything! Healthy Tote is a great tool for accountants, bookkeepers and working women!