"This bag is very well made and still looks brand new..."

I recently had a plastic water bottle in my HT and it leaked out into my bag. To my surprise I took everything out of the bag and only the items in the same side as the water bottle were wet. There was water puddled in the bottom of my bag but it did not leak through into the other side or out the bottom or sides of the bag. This bag is very well made and still looks brand new after several months of carrying it. I LOVE my HT, I carry it daily to work and to the ball field!

Thank you,


"My Healthy Tote is highly functional and good looking..."

-Becky, Project Manager, Austin, TX

I love my new Healthy Tote bag! The material is very durable and I love the separate compartments. I’m able to carry my gym gear, lunch, phone, and notebook while sporting something much more attractive than an ordinary gym bag. I recently went to the pool for a quick swim and to catch up on a book a friend let me borrow while getting some sun. Upon leaving, I did my best in trying to keep my wet cloths away from the book, but some of the pages got wet while in my gym bag and began to crinkle. I felt terrible so I went and bought her a new book. Now, my Healthy Tote allows me to separate my gym clothes keeping my valuables safe and dry. My Healthy Tote is highly functional and good looking; I would highly recommend Healthy Tote to anyone on the go or those of us who enjoy sitting by the pool with a good book!


"The quality of this bag is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.."

-Claire, Personal Trainer, Austin, TX

Healthy Tote has been more than just a bag for me, it has quickly become my favorite most functional item I use on a daily basis. I have always been known as “the bag lady” around work and to my friends b/c I’m constantly carrying around a purse, a backpack, a lunch bag etc. But since I started using my Healthy Tote bag, I have been able to combine all of my bags into one. My shoulders and my back have been thanking me for that too I love the thick shoulder straps and the large heavy duty rings. I don’t feel like it’s about to fall apart like many of my bags in the past. I also LOVE the heavy duty canvas material and the spill proof material on the inside section. The quality of this bag is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is on the go and wants to live a more organized, healthy, productive life.


"I LOVE this tote..."

-Margo R., Teacher, Watsonville, CA

I LOVE this tote. I am a teacher, and I haul a ton of books, papers, my computer, my lunch and a water bottle back and forth to school each day. This bag is super sturdy, and I never feel like I am going to break it, as I have with many of my other totes. The fabric is strong and stays clean, and the brass (?) rings make sure the straps won't break. I love having a separate water proof compartment for my water bottle and lunch. I don't have to worry about my books and computer getting leaked on. The price is steep, and I am not one who usually pays a lot for things (I am the consummate Goodwill shopper), but I feel like this tote is worth the price and will last a long time. I highly recommend it!


"Great universal bag..."


This is definitely a universal bag. I have an 18 month old at home and this bag serves as a second diaper bag. I love that I can pack diapers, wipes, toys, a change of clothes, etc on one side, and snacks, milk, water, etc on the other side and not have to worry about the drinks leaking onto the change of clothes. If I carry milk I will usually put it in the neoprene lunch bag along with an ice pack to keep it cold. I have never once had the milk or ice pack leak onto the other side of the bag. I also make use of the elastic drink holder with either my son's water or my own. Carrying a diaper bag and a purse can be a huge hassle so a lot of times when I'm out I'll just throw some necessary items from my purse (phone, wallet, keys) into one of the side compartments or in the side with the diapers. I actually had an SLR camera with me the other day and I was able to throw it in with the diapers and wipes and not have to worry that the milk wouldn't leak over and damage the camera. I haven't used it as anything other than a diaper bag yet but I'm confident I will continue to get my use out of it long after my need to carry a diaper bag around. My only wish is that there were some more colors to choose from. Or maybe even some crazy patterns. Overall, it's a great bag!


" I have a total of ONE bag..."


I have had my Healthy Tote for about 2 months now...and I LOVE it!! As a working mother of two, I find that I am constantly carrying around about 3-4 bags (gym/lunch/paperwork/misc items)...besides my purse. My girls call me the bag lady. However, since I have started using the Healthy Tote, I have a total of ONE bag. It is much more stylish & sleek than my worn out gym bag and the plastic grocery sack I used to schlep my lunches everywhere. I use it for many functions. On my swim days, my wet swimsuit and damp towel stays in the waterproof side, while my iPad stays dry and secure on the dry side. On my gym days, my gym clothes/shoes go on the dry side with my protein bars & shake on the waterproof side. The neoprene lunch bag is the perfect size and keeps my food cold!! All & all, I consider this bag a worthwhile investment to help me keep on track with healthy living.


"This tote will probably last longer that I do..."


I was working at a fitness expo and met a lady who's friend had invented these "great bags" that would prevent my laptop from ever getting wet from my water bottle. I recently bought a new Mac for grad school and a Lifestyle glass water bottle from Whole Foods to stay hydrated. Both are necessary for me right now but I must be extra careful to screw the lid back on the bottle properly or it leaks. Fortunately, school is out for the summer so when my bottle leaked into my backpack the last month, my computer wasn't in there, but that would have been a $1500 problem. So, I bought the bag and haven't looked back. This is tote will probably last longer that I do and no doubt will continue to serve me well. It expands and can be very roomy. Plus, it's well constructed and strong. The stitches are perfect and the shoulder straps are flat so they don't dig into my skin. It looks way sharper than my backpack and it was beyond time to step it up a style notch anyway. I bought the black and it goes with everything. I feel more confident carrying this bag than my backpack both for its looks as well as usefulness. it's There are two compartments, the "wet" side where I store my lunch, snacks and water bottle and the "dry" side for electronics, books and files. And, never the twain shall meet. It came with a neoprene type lunch bag that keeps my food cool for hours. This is perhaps the best utilitarian bag I've ever bought and it looks really great too. Highly recommended.