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Healthy Tote Classic Black

Finally, the bag you've been searching for! Healthy Tote keeps your snacks & water close by and separate from your important stuff!

A bag that carries everything you need from sun up to sun down. Roomy and durable, Healthy Tote holds up to the demands your busy life brings. Pack it early in the day and have all your necessities by your side.


Dear Teachers, Accountants, Woman Business Owners & Busy Moms -

Are you ready to finally be "prepared" for whatever life brings you? Are you ready to have all the day's necessities at your fingertips? Do you carry multiple bags and try to keep up with them all day? Work bag, purse, lunch box, and more?

 Or are you like me? Always trying to keep healthy and avoid fast food and convenient store snacks? Do you need to keep a healthy lunch, snacks, and water along with your important work papers and laptop?

This is why Healthy Tote was created! I was so tired of carrying a lunch bag, water bottles, work bag, purse, and my kid's stuff everyday to work. I needed a simple solution to keep everything by my side everyday!

I was tired of water condensation getting my financial statements (I'm an accountant) and to do lists wet everyday! I was tired of separate bags and just kept throwing stuff in my work bag.

Here's what Healthy Tote does ---> fixes all those problems! Healthy Tote's military grade fabric and stainless steel rings come together to create the ultimate spacious tote bag that separates lunch, snacks & water from all the dry stuff!

I was the CPA that left a trail of milk from my car in the parking lot to my desk at work. I was trying to be a good mom. I put my kid's sippy cup of milk in my bag so that I could put it in the fridge at work for the day. My kid was going to have nice cold milk when I picked him up from daycare after work. cold milk for him that day. The office carpet got it all. And so did my bag!

Did I mention the president of the company I work for is a super neat - clean - don't mess up my building - kind of guy? (He never found out about it - unless he reads this :))

That day I searched all over the internet for a bag that would meet my needs. I could not find one, but I found stories of women who were on diets and ashamed of carrying multiple bags of food into work. Healthy veggies and fresh food take up more room than junk. They were already dealing with issues of body shame, and carrying large amounts of food into work (although all healthy) left them feeling more insecure. They wanted a bag big enough to do it all.

I knew this was my mission - to create the bag that didn't exist, but would meet the needs of women everywhere! A bag that keeps everything you need for the day and keeps things separate.

 Healthy Tote - Divided Inside

A woman came up to me at a trade show. She had a brand new Mac computer because she had just fried her previous one. She had put a closed water bottle in her work bag, not even thinking about the computer. Water somehow spilled and ruined her Mac.

She had to get a new computer and was on a hunt for a new bag. She was so excited to find Healthy Tote. She purchased one that day! Weeks later she emailed me to say that Healthy Tote was working perfectly for her! Healthy Tote is committed to keeping our customers happy!

Healthy Tote is the only inexpensive simple solution that will hold up to the demands you place on it!

  • Water Resistant Fabric for Easy Clean Up
  • Two Water Bottle Holders
  • Large Design to Carry Everything You Need
  • Divider Keeps Things Separated
  • Divider Shifts Either Direction to Meet YOUR Needs Better
  • Two Large Interior Pockets
  • One Exterior Pocket
  • Military Grade Fabric
  • Stainless Steel Rings

Keep the important stuff by your side all day! Healthy lunch, snacks & water are ready when you need them.

This bag strives to keep you healthy and leave more money in your pockets. No convenient store snacks or fast food. Stick to your healthy meal plans. You've got what you need to take care of you, all day long.


 Finally, the bag you've been searching for. Everything under one shoulder.

Healthy Tote is offered in classic colors to meet the demands of our teachers, accountants, busy moms, and all women who like to be prepared.

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We are so excited you found our site and Healthy Tote. We hope it keeps you prepared for whatever life throws at you. May your days be delightful and your life be healthy.

Remember, when life gets tough, take a deep breath, smile and know you are prepared and can handle whatever comes your way!

We back our product 100%. If you are not completely satisfied, please return for a full refund within 30 days.

 Healthy Tote Classic Gray


In Health,





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