About Us

The trail of milk that started the bag…

I finally had enough of trying to carry all my stuff into my office. My planner, my lunch bag, my afternoon snack, my water bottle, my kid’s sippy cup, my gym bag, my laptop bag and whatever else I thought I needed. So I threw it all in a big tote bag and made my way into work. Upon arrival at my desk I realized my whole world was covered in milk. Not only was today’s to do list, my new book about organizing my personal finances, and my fitness magazine, but there was a trail of milk all the way from the car to my desk! What a way to start the day! I knew there had to be something out there that would separate things. After lots of Googling, I only found other frustrated people like me searching for the same thing.

That’s the day Healthy Tote was born. It started as a drawing on a scrap piece of paper and has now turned into a real life solution. Not only have I always needed to stay organized, but I’ve always had to watch what I eat to stay healthy. It is hard work, and having the right tools at your disposal makes it much easier. I have made Healthy Tote and its products just that, Healthy Tools for Healthy Living. Inside each Healthy Tote, there is room for professional and personal business essentials, a water bottle and a healthy lunch and plenty of snacks. All the tools I need to keep me healthy! These are truly all in one bags!

Now that I have a Healthy Tote and lunch bag, I take them everywhere. My connection to my professional life is at my fingertips. I have snacks and drinks for everyone when I’m out and about with the family on weekends. My post workout meal is waiting for me in the car after I work out at the gym. Most importantly I have everything I need in one bag without the trail of milk to follow me!

I hope you enjoy your Healthy Tote as much as I do mine!

-Natalie Bonkowski, Founder