• The Plank – Anytime Challenge

    The house is silent and then someone yells “PLANK.”  What does this mean?  Let me explain.

    We all have something going on in our lives that could benefit from a stronger core.  My son suffers with growing pains in his knees and feet.  My daughter is working on becoming a gymnast.  My husband and I have plenty of aches and pains from getting older and sitting at our desk jobs.  We are always looking for ways to get stronger and healthier and alleviate some of those pains.  Or in my daughter’s case, make her a better gymnast. 

    The plank I am referring to is the exercise, not the pirate ship’s plank. 

  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Christmas! Yay! I just love this time of year. There's so much going on and it's just fantastic! The color of red fills our homes with red bows, Santa, poinsettias, and peppermint! It's cold outside and a cup of white chocolate mocha coffee warms our bones. It's gift giving season and we are thinking of others as we spend our time shopping and searching for the perfect gift. It's wonderful!
  • The Healthy Tote Photo Shoot

    Great family & friends make for a fantastic photo shoot!  Healthy Tote needed to freshen up their photo collection so thankfully we have great family and friends that helped us out.  It was a fun day with a great after party!  Here's some of the upcoming photos you will see on the website and social media.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so you don't miss a thing!
  • Hurricane Harvey & Bag of the Month

    We are going to continue the sales of the August "Bag of the Month" to help with Hurricane Harvey Relief.

    Our last vacation this past July was to Port Aransas, Texas.  That's our vacation spot each year.  My parents started taking me to the Texas beach of Port Aransas when I was a little girl.  My parents visited there when they were kids as well.  It's a central Texas thing.  That's just what you do.  You go to Port A each summer. 

  • The Reason Behind Healthy Tote & a Free Wellness Journal

    Healthy Tote was created because I needed a bag to carry all my stuff.  I was always on a diet, always carrying whatever food my current diet needed, snacks, water and then I needed papers and calendars and other stuff too.  I needed to keep the important stuff dry and I tend to be a little clumsy at times.  If you ask my husband, he may say “not just *at times*”. 

    I remember the day that I put my kid’s sippy cup of milk in my bag and it spilled everywhere.  I remember searching and googling trying to find a bag to carry everything, that wasn’t a diaper bag.  I remember reading about women who were looking for the same kind of bag and needed something that could discretely carry all their healthy foods.  These women were overweight, embarrassed, and self-conscious about carrying food into work.  Lots of veggies and lean meats tend to take up more room than cereal bars and processed crap.  They were worried about what everyone thought.  Why is she eating so much stuff?  They wanted a bag to carry everything and discretely hide their healthy foods.   

  • Marketing is Tough

    There' s a ton of work that goes into starting a business.  When I started Healthy Tote, I thought how hard could it be?  I have an idea for a bag.  Let's make bags and sell them.  Sure, sounds easy.  But then I realized otherwise.  There's so much paperwork and accounting to set-up a business and keep good records.  Luckily, my background is accounting, so that wasn't too difficult.  It's still time consuming. 

    Then there was designing the product.  Have I mentioned, I had seven different seamstresses help me?  The divider I wanted in this bag was difficult to make.  Each seamstress just couldn't figure out a way to do it, until I found number 7!  Number 7 did me a huge favor and made me small batch of inventory.  Each bag took four hours to sew, but I had a product!  Yay!

  • It's Summer! What are you doing?

    It’s summer!  We have a house divided when it comes to our thoughts on school.  My son is super excited to be out for summer and my daughter is sad to be away from school.  This mama is happy, happy, happy to not pack lunches, deal with morning wake-up and rush, or help with homework each night.
  • When Planning and Perfectionism Become a Problem

    Planning and perfectionism are a few traits that are fantastic yet paralyzing.

    We have all heard how important it is to have a plan. We need a direction and a map to go where we need to go. If you need to get somewhere, you don’t start the car, and drive around aimlessly? To get from point A to B, you need a plan or a course. The same is with life. For example, if I want to grow my business, I can’t just show up and not do anything. I need a plan.
  • Healthy Tote just went custom!

    Healthy Tote is so excited to finally announce custom bags!  It's something we have wanted to offer for a long time, but first needed to do our homework.  We searched, tested and finally found the best printing option for our nylon bags.  Take a look at some samples of what is possible.
  • Happy Mother's Day!

    It's May & that means it's time to celebrate our Mamas.  Mother's are so very special.  They bring us into this world, feed us, teach us and watch us grow.  My mom is very special to me.  She's my best friend and is always there for me no matter what!  I'm very lucky to have her in my life!

    Comment below and tell us something special about your Mom.

  • Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd

    We love our teachers!  They take care of our kids as we send them off to school each day.  We trust them to keep our children safe, teach them and help them learn, and then return them at the end of the day-safe and smarter.   

    When Healthy Tote was created, I didn't realize just how perfect Healthy Tote was teachers.  I was looking for a bag to haul all my stuff around all day...not really thinking about what anyone else needed.  Once Healthy Tote went into production, we realized that it is the perfect teacher bag! 

  • Happy Easter!

    We blog about all kinds of things here at Healthy Tote.  We talk about making ourselves better, a lot about health and wellness, our busy lives, holidays, our children and anything else that our heart feels lead to blog about.  Today is no different.  Today we are talking about the holiday, Easter. 

    Talking about religion may not be politically correct.  But Healthy Tote wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for “religion.”