Why do we go Out to Eat?

How often does your family go “out” to dinner?  We go out too much.  We have this weird roller coaster cycle of dinners.  I meal plan, cook and we eat at home for 2 weeks.  Then life happens and meal planning is tossed out the window.  We rummage through the pantry and freezer a few nights and then end up eating out several times a week.  Then we get back on schedule. 

Back when I strived for perfection all the time, I would get upset by the constant fluctuations of our life.  Why couldn’t it be perfect all the time?  Well—we all know that can’t happen and I finally got tired of beating myself up for the lack of perfection.  I’m real now and I know that we will eat out more than I would like.  But, hey.  I’m doing the best with what I have and where I am right now in my life. 

Lately, we’ve been on one of those “eating out” cycles.  I’m working on getting back on meal planning for next week.  But good grief.  This go around makes me want to cook even more.  Here’s why. 


(Before we get to the restaurant)

Mom:  What’s everyone want for dinner?

Son:  I don’t want the green place (nickname for one of our local restaurants)

Daughter:  I have to have spaghetti at the green place.

Husband:  I had the green place for lunch.

Me:  What about the chicken place? 

Son:  Why does she (daughter) always get what she wants?

Me:  But she wanted the green place. 

Son:  She always wants the chicken place.

Daughter:  I want the green place.

Husband:  Let’s just go somewhere already!


(At the restaurant)

Son & Daughter:  (at the same time in unison) I’m sitting by Mom.

Me:  Every single time you argue about this.

Kids are now pushing and shoving each other. 


(Finally seated)

The kids can’t decide what they want.

The service is slow. 

Can’t we just get something to drink all ready? 

Daughter must go to the bathroom twice.

Food isn’t that great. 

It was expensive.  Can you believe the price of tea these days?


Nobody is happy.


So why again do we go out to dinner?  Oh yeah…I didn’t meal plan or prep or cook.  Hum.  Seems like I should try to do a better job meal planning.  Eating out isn’t always fun. 

What’s your favorite recipe or meal planning tips and tricks?  We would love for you to share!!!

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