Where’s the Baseball Moms & Softball Moms?

Hey!  I bet most of you have started your ball season by now.  It’s an exciting time in our household for sure.  The chaos of getting to practice, games, finding time for homework and everything else we are supposed to do in life.  I know for us, it seems normal life shuts down and all I know is go, go and go for the next several months. 

If my kid didn’t love baseball, I think I would try to persuade them not to play.  Did I say that?  Don’t get me wrong I love sitting in the stands and cheering for our team.  There’s so much excitement.  I can’t believe I get so worked up during my child’s game.  I never thought I’d be one of those moms, yelling with excitement, biting my nails, covering my face, walking away when my son is up to bat.  Oh, my heart gets sucked in and all kinds of emotions arrive.  It’s fun and I love it.  Just not the busy schedule.

One thing that helps keep me sane during this busy season is my Healthy Tote.  I know you are thinking, how does a bag help keep you stay sane?  I am a big believer that being prepared and organized will set you up for success in life.  So, my Healthy Tote keeps me prepared and organized.  Here’s how in the baseball world:

  1. Snacks and Waters are with me always.  These things are packed at the house before we leave for the day.  This ensure there are no stops at (over-priced) convenient stores on the way to the field.  This also saves me money at the ball field when the siblings want stuff from the concession stand. 
  2. Sunscreen, pony tail holders, aspirin, band-aids, and baby wipes. Yes, these things are with me all the time.  I’m always prepared.  The little things that can happen, don’t get me down.  When sister falls, and scraps a knee or the stands are filthy, I’ve got the band-aids and baby wipes.
  3. One bag. The fact that healthy tote can carry so many different things and eliminate the need for multiple bags.  My baseball mom Healthy Tote is loaded with the basics at the beginning of every season.   Just add my wallet and the waters and I’m out the door.  No need to pack every time and no need to carry more than one bag! 

So yes, my Healthy Tote really does calm me down during baseball and softball season.  I know I’m prepared and I save time (and money) by having the Healthy Tote ready to go.  One big bag for everything.  Don’t let the stress of busyness get you down during baseball and softball season.  As much as we hate it, we love it.  Remove some of the stress, so that you can enjoy it even more!

I’d love to hear some of the things you carry in your bag during baseball and softball season!  Comment below.

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