When Planning and Perfectionism Become a Problem

Planning and perfectionism are a few traits that are fantastic yet paralyzing.

We have all heard how important it is to have a plan. We need a direction and a map to go where we need to go. If you need to get somewhere, you don’t start the car, and drive around aimlessly? To get from point A to B, you need a plan or a course. The same is with life. For example, if I want to grow my business, I can’t just show up and not do anything. I need a plan.

What about perfectionism? How many of you reading this, have a little perfectionism built into your character? You like things to be just right. The best that they can be. You spend time re-doing or adding finishing touches that make whatever you are working on just perfect. For example, you are icing your kid’s birthday cake and decide to start over because one flower wasn't just right.

For those blessed (and cursed) with obsessive planning and perfectionism, life can be challenging sometimes. Let me tell you about my experience with these traits. As the founder of Healthy Tote, I struggle daily. Marketing, which is a weakness for me, seems to struggle the most. I have lists of marketing ideas, everything from giveaways, to promoting our affiliate program, to video series, there’s plenty of ideas. When I sit down to work on these ideas, I just want to keep planning and trying to figure out the best way (perfectionism) to produce these ideas. This over-analyzing tends to lead to paralysis. Nothing happens.

I love that I analyze, research, plan and perfect things, but when these traits lead to paralysis, there is no point in any of it. This blog was written today, because today is one of those days I feel stuck. I just needed to do something to feel productive again and get my mind to stop planning and start doing.  And-I am not going to reread and revise this blog 100 times. I am not going to perfect it today. I’m going to let it go. Smile. I would love to hear from you if you struggle with these great traits? Comment below.

Now, I must go. To my list, close my eyes, and point to what’s next.

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