When Do You Work Out? Is There A Best Time For Exercise?

Have you ever thought about what time of day you should work out? Is exercise best in the morning or evening? There are numerous articles available with many different reasons for choosing your workout time. Here are a few pros and cons comparing morning, midday and evening work outs.

Morning Workout:

Pros: You have a better chance of creating a routine. Workout is not missed due to unexpected evening activities that arise.

Cons: It can be difficult to wake up early. You may need to spend more time warming-up before morning exercise.

Midday Workout:

Pros: Create a lunch workout group at work. This will allow you to be held accountable and can make working out more fun!

Cons: Lunch time may be difficult to get away every day if you have a demanding job. If you do work out, will you have to sit at your desk rest of the afternoon sweaty? Do you have access to a shower?

Evening Workout:

Pros: At the end of the day you may not feel as rushed to get through your workout. That’s more time to work on form and get your workout right! Your warm-up routine should require less time as your body has been moving around through the day.

Cons: After working all day, you may have no energy to get moving. You may allow yourself to skip the workout. Another thing to think about is if your evening workout interferes with your sleep?

So, when should you work out? You must find what time works best for you and your schedule. The best way is to try each of these times and see what you and your body prefers. I have tried working out in the morning. I never felt warmed up enough and always rushed. Noon used to work well until my work schedule changed. Currently, evening is my workout time and works the best. Listen to your body, pick a time and schedule it. Make sure you treat your workout as you would an appointment with your doctor or a meeting at work. You must do it!

As seasons change and respectively your schedule, you may need to adjust your workout to a new time. Be flexible, but always account for your workout! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you made the time to work out!

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