What's your Spring Break Plans?

Can you believe that Spring Break is just around the corner?  The kids will be out of school for a week and you may be too.  Or you could be busy coordinating baby sitters and trying to get everything done at work so that you can have a great spring break weekend?  Either way, it’s time to have a plan.  Here’s a few ideas.

If you have the week off and are planning on a destination vacation, then check out this link to the Travel Channel’s top 10 family spring breaks vacation spots.  These include Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Racho de los Caballeros, and Steamboat Springs.

For those not traveling far, be sure to google all the location attractions in your area.  Is there any that you possibly forgot?  Or someplace you haven’t been in years?  What about a spot that may be your kid’s favorite place?  Is it time to go back? 

If you are not traveling, I love, love, love staycations.  Check out a few ideas on this link.  I love the ideas of backyard camp-outs.  What about family cookouts together or all day board game play?  What are things that you want to do with your kids on a normal day, but life’s too busy?  Now’s your week to do those things.  I hope to do some baking with my daughter and spend some time jumping on the trampoline with both my kids.  We’ll go to our hike and bike trail and make time to watch a few movies.  These are all simple things that we never have time for these busy days of our life.   And don't forget...Stop, breathe, and look your kids in the eyes when they speak, and soak it all in!  They are growing up too fast!

Share your Spring Break ideas below.

Also, don’t forget to use your Healthy Tote this week.  When you are out and about, you can bring your waters and snacks and have a place to carry the necessities.  Our bags are perfect for Spring Break vacation!  Oh…and don’t get caught smuggling candy into the movie theater!  Enjoy your break!  You deserve it!

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