What a crock!!

Guest post from Julie:
With our freezer stocked with crock-potted meals, I thought I would reflect on my family favorites so far. There have even been a couple meals that have made our rotation multiple times!

The champ: Pepperoncini Beef


  • Easily one of the most flavorful things to come out of the crockpot...and definitely the easiest!! 10 minutes of prep, 3 ingredients and ah-mazing flavor?? Since starting the crockpot challenge, this one has hit our house not once, not twice, but three times!! It is the PERFECT football sandwich. We threw ours on mini rolls with provolone. Do not forget to pile on the pepperoncinis!! They make this sandwich. And the best part?? The meat is not too spicy for the kiddos...my 5 year old called it pickle meat.

The meal that will stick to your ribs in the dead of winter: Lentils & Sausage


  • I seriously could not eat enough of this. Excellent way to introduce a new legume (that’s fancy for bean) to the kiddos/picky eaters. One note...test your lentils every now and then...shut it off as soon as they are done. The sausage can tend to get a bit spongy, so on the 2nd run, I added it an hour in to the cooking time. Cannot wait to remake this when it cools down a bit more.

Want your house to smell like heaven?: Spiced Applesauce


  • Come to momma. Apples & spice?? The smell was INSANE. I had a bag o’ granny smiths that were about to turn over to the point of no return, so Freckles and me got to peeling. Just a heads up...this is labor intensive. But it was character building for my 8 year old who now LOVES the potato peeler...I will be hiring her out at Thanksgiving for all of you scalloped potato fans. Also, the brown sugar does make this a darker applesauce, so just be prepared. Once this was done getting all yummy, one taste made all the work worth it. P.S. I stirred some into the girls’ morning wallpaper paste (aka oatmeal) and voila...a non-artificial flavored oatmeal. They gobbled it down.

Best chopstick worthy meal: Honey Garlic Chicken


  • Yup...I’m a Chinese food addict. But with the worrisome MSG sometimes in the mix, this alternative to the white to-go box is perfect over steamed white rice. Similar to sweet & sour chicken without the neon red sauce, the pineapple adds the perfect tang to the sauce. I served mine with some chopped cilantro & peanuts over the top to take it to the Thai side a bit. Yum.

So...now I am starving...and ready to get my 4, yes 4, crockpots going now that the Northern winds are busting back through Central Texas.

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