The Uncertain Future of Healthy Tote

The Uncertain Future of Healthy Tote

The recent Supreme Court ruling on online sales tax changes a lot of things for small business. The States now have the authority to require businesses to collect and remit sales tax to all states, no matter where you are shipping from. Crossing state lines is no longer an exemption.

As a CPA, I completely understand the reason for this and why this change happened. However, small businesses do not have the resources to file paperwork in every state and remit a return every month.

For example, I sold 5 Healthy Tote’s in March. One to Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina & Texas. I currently collect and remit sales tax in Texas, my home state. I don’t have the time or resources to go set-up an account in the other 5 states and fill out forms every month.

The next month my sales are in different states. One must know the tax laws in each of those states and whether freight is taxable or exempt. Small businesses will have to become sales tax experts in each state or hire a professional. Lucky for me, I’ve studied these and practice them daily at my other job. But keeping up with all of this for my small business is not worth it.

I am currently deciding the future for Healthy Tote. It’s a great, quality product and I want to share it with everyone. But at what expense? My rate of growth is not quick enough to overcome the headaches and finances that will be required to continue. Check the website often. There may be an inventory liquidation soon! Stay tuned!

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  • Natalie Bonkowski
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