The Reason Behind Healthy Tote & a Free Wellness Journal

Healthy Tote was created because I needed a bag to carry all my stuff.  I was always on a diet, always carrying whatever food my current diet needed, snacks, water and then I needed papers and calendars and other stuff too.  I needed to keep the important stuff dry and I tend to be a little clumsy at times.  If you ask my husband, he may say “not just *at times*”. 

I remember the day that I put my kid’s sippy cup of milk in my bag and it spilled everywhere.  I remember searching and googling trying to find a bag to carry everything, that wasn’t a diaper bag.  I remember reading about women who were looking for the same kind of bag and needed something that could discretely carry all their healthy foods.  These women were overweight, embarrassed, and self-conscious about carrying food into work.  Lots of veggies and lean meats tend to take up more room than cereal bars and processed crap.  They were worried about what everyone thought.  Why is she eating so much stuff?  They wanted a bag to carry everything and discretely hide their healthy foods.   

My compassion for these women and my desire to find a bag to carry everything is what gave me the desire and drive to start Healthy Tote.  I can totally relate to them and have always hated eating in front of others.  I feel like I’m being judged by my food choices or the amounts of food I’m eating.  Struggling with my weight since 2nd grade has always made me feel different and insecure. 

As Healthy Tote evolved, I realized women didn’t understand the reason behind Healthy Tote.  As I learn about websites and marketing, I have realized I haven’t really told my story.  I haven’t conveyed the meaning or the message as best as I can, yet.  I was content with the fact that Sports Moms, Teachers, and Coaches find Healthy Tote perfect for their needs.  I love that!!  At the same time, I feel like we have drifted from our original mission.  We want to help everyone get healthy and stay healthy. 

Getting healthy is tough and staying healthy is even tougher.  We want a bag, Healthy Tote, to be your tool, to be there for you.  To keep your healthy snacks nearby and to keep you out of the convenient stores.  We want lunch to be available and keep you out of the fast food line.  We want healthy snacks for your kids instead of crap for your kids.  We know life is hard and trying to be healthy in this world is almost impossible.  But if you have the tools, maybe, just maybe, it will be a little easier for you.  That’s our goal!  My life long struggle, and still struggling, is my passion to help bring change. 

My passion to help others has led me to give away my free wellness journal.  This journal is a Health & Wellness journal that includes a food log, activity log and journal to help with all areas of your wellness.  I created this journal shortly after finishing my Health Coach certification through Health Coach Institute.   The PDF version of this journal is available for free through our website,  Just go to this link and add it to your cart.  We will email you the PDF files within 7 days. 

Please help share our mission.  We really want to help.

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