The Power of the Pedometer

Let me admit that when my insurance company required me to be more active in order keep my current premium rather than an increase, I was irate. The idea of keeping up with a pedometer or logging into Map My Run each time I went for a walk was not something I wanted to do. What about my weight lifting sessions? There’s no GPS tracker when lifting weights and therefore no points. No fair that points are not earned when I drip excessive sweat for an hour at the gym.

But since I never pay full price for anything and always feel the need to save money, I went ahead and ordered the pedometer, the Fitbit Zip. Although, I may not get credit for my HIIT workouts in my living room or my weight lifting sessions, I can get points on the days I walk with my Zip.

After a few days of using the Zip, I realized just how sedentary my life is on days I am not working out. My daytime desk job, sitting through lunch and then the nights that I was just too tired to move only got me 5,000 steps a day. For credit towards my insurance, I need 10,000 per day.

The first few weeks were fun trying to get my steps. Each time I moved I would try to guess how many steps I earned. I learned I could walk down to the stop sign and back during work and get a whopping 1,000 steps. Do that a few times a day and chase the kids around at night, it became easier to get those steps.

After the newness wore off and my plantar fasciitis flared up…I took a bit of a break and did not try so hard to earn those steps. Besides, I already had enough points accumulated to keep my discount this year. But after a month or so of not trying, the desire to get those steps never went away. I want more steps. Not just for insurance, but to help my circulation, keep my body moving, to not feel stagnate during the day, to feel better. It just feels good to be active. I feel much better when I have moved around during day rather than sit at my desk ALL day, when I work through lunch, “surf the internet”.

Active feels good! Recently during my “surf the internet” time, I read numerous articles about movement and how good it is for you. Adding movement, even just some, is so beneficial. Here is a great article from Mark’s Daily Apple about the many benefits of walking.

My pedometer showed me that sporadic activeness throughout the day is better than being lazy. I must say I love my pedometer now!

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