The Plank – Anytime Challenge

The house is silent and then someone yells “PLANK.”  What does this mean?  Let me explain.

We all have something going on in our lives that could benefit from a stronger core.  My son suffers with growing pains in his knees and feet.  My daughter is working on becoming a gymnast.  My husband and I have plenty of aches and pains from getting older and sitting at our desk jobs.  We are always looking for ways to get stronger and healthier and alleviate some of those pains.  Or in my daughter’s case, make her a better gymnast. 

The plank I am referring to is the exercise, not the pirate ship’s plank. :) One day I was sitting and writing out my workout plan for the next few weeks.  I didn’t have any “core” days built in to my routine and I knew the next few weeks would be busy.  I didn’t want to add any more days to my routine as I knew I would just set myself up for failure.  I started brainstorming as to when I could add some core exercises.  Then I was thinking about my kids and how we had been neglecting my son’s stretches and foam rolling lately.  Hum.  That’s when I got this brilliant idea!

My kids love games, challenges and did I mention they are both HIGHLY competitive?  I came up with the “PLANK” game.  We all need to build our core.  This is our foundation that works with all the other parts of our body.  If our core is strong, we are less likely to injure ourselves and we will start to heal some of our pains.  It’s a win for everyone!  Here are the rules.

Our PLANK game. 

Anyone can yell “PLANK” at any time.  Everyone within hearing range has to drop to the floor and hold a plank as long as they can.  Any form of plank is acceptable.  Forearm, Straight arm, Side plank.  Really, whatever as long as you hold it as long as you can and it’s in the correct form. 

It’s fun and my family loves it.  We’re building muscle and our foundation that will keep us in tip top shape.  It’s great for all of us!  Give it a try with your family today!

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