The Kickball Gang

Wanna know a little secret? I hate to play. I hate to play games. I hated playing nerf, barbies, cowboy, and dress-up when my kids were small. I struggled with lots and lots of guilt around not wanting to play with them. I wanted to be with them, I just didn’t want to play. Through the years, I have learned to accept me for me and all my uniqueness. Apparently, I wasn’t blessed with the gift of play, but I have managed to learn to accept a little play in my life.

Through the years, I have found when I’m productive during “play” I am quite happy! One of the things I love to do with the kids is play kickball. My kiddos are athletic and want to be moving all the time. Kickball is one of their favorite things to play. I have found that kickball is a fantastic workout for me. It involves sprints from base to base and I feel quite accomplished and productive afterwards. A workout without going to “workout.”

Another type of play that is a productive workout for me is jumping on the trampoline. The trampoline is another favorite of my 12 and 8-year-old bundles of joy. We go to the trampoline together and each take turns jumping. We take my phone with my HIIT timer and we take turns working out, *cough*, I mean jumping. Again, this is a productive workout for me and we have fun. We laugh, and they do tricks. Then they try to get me to do tricks, and I don’t. But we have lots of fun!

Then there are times they really want to play something, and I can’t find any productivity in it. So, I play and take lots of breaks. This ol’ life is going fast. I know that I will one day long for play time just to have them back home. I know they are growing up way too fast. If I must sacrifice “play” for a little quality time with my kiddos, I suck it up and play. I love those kiddos so much!

What’s something you play with your kids and enjoy?


***Picture of kiddos and their cousin in the car headed out after an afternoon of kickball!

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