The Best Weight Loss Lesson I Ever Learned

We learned lots of information in Health Coach school.  We learned about nutrition, stress and hormones, and 100 dietary theories.  All of it was great information, but there’s one thing that stuck out that I find myself repeating over and over when people ask me about dieting.  It’s so true and I wish I had realized it sooner in life.

We are all different.  Different diets and ways of eating will work differently for each individual person.  This was hard for me to comprehend at first.  I have an accounting background and in my mind, everything is absolutes.  There are no grey or iffy areas.  I used to love counting calories.  Why?  It was math.  Energy in (food) minus energy out (exercise) will equal weight loss.  It had to work, it’s simple math?  Right?  Not at all.  When you add hormones and stress to the equation, it does not always work. 

For me, I discovered that Paleo worked.  That’s if I don’t load up on paleo sweets.  Then at age 41, I discovered I had PCOS which meant I was insulin resistant.  (Read more about PCOS here.)  Finally, in life, it all makes sense.  Low carb and paleo is what my body needs.  However, your body might thrive on calorie counting.   

Listen, I’m here to tell you that your body is unique to you.  There are hormones that are driving your system.  Just because something works for your best friend, it may not work for you.  You must find what works.  There are over 100 diets out there and one of them is perfect for you.  You must be persistent, keep trying and never give up.  You must listen to your body.  How do you feel after eating certain foods?  Listen and change based on what your body needs.    

I used to google weight loss success stories everyday searching for answers.  How did they lose the weight?  I so wanted to find an easy way.  I never found an easy quick fix.  Everything takes time and dedication.  Start by making small changes and you will gradually find balance.  I never believed I could change or find balance, but here I am slowly transforming.  I have a long road ahead of me, but each day it gets a little better and little easier.  I promise, you can do it. 

Just remember, if your heart is still beating, then there is still time to find what works for you.  Never give up and keep going.  Find a support group or friends to help and make those changes.  You can do it. 


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