Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd

We love our teachers!  They take care of our kids as we send them off to school each day.  We trust them to keep our children safe, teach them and help them learn, and then return them at the end of the day-safe and smarter.   

When Healthy Tote was created, I didn't realize just how perfect Healthy Tote was teachers.  I was looking for a bag to haul all my stuff around all day...not really thinking about what anyone else needed.  Once Healthy Tote went into production, we realized that it is the perfect teacher bag! 

Teachers carry several bags into school each day.  They carry a bag with papers, lunch bag, purse and sometimes even more bags.  Healthy Tote can eliminate the need for all of those bags.  With the divided center, the lunch stays away from those graded papers that someone stayed up late grading the night before.  The water bottle holders keep the water in place and out of the way. 

Earlier this year we started screen printing just for teachers!

When shopping for Teacher Appreciation Day this year, check out Healthy Tote. 


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