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Yes, I know this is Healthy Tote’s website. A blog is supposed to interest the website’s followers. During my brain storming blog writing session, website design came to mind. Many of you are entrepreneurs or may want to start a blog, so here goes my experience. If you have no interest in websites, then go away now. :)

For those of you with interest, I have used Wix, Shopify, Spacecraft/Vendevor, and Blogger. Prior to using any of those, Healthy Tote was created and managed by an outside individual using WordPress. Having someone manage the website was great, but every time I needed to make a change, I couldn't do it myself. I had to send an email, wait, and then pay a bill. 

Blogger: I started a few blogs back in the day. I need to go back and find my logins. I probably need to get those old ones deleted. I haven’t used Blogger in quite some time, so no opinion here on that platform.

Spacecraft/Vendevor is a sore subject. The platform was easy to use and it served its purpose at the time. But once I was ready to add a shopping cart and make changes frequently, things got complicated. After a year, I left the platform and didn’t realize I had a 3-year agreement with the credit card company they signed me up with. I still pay $12 a month and am waiting patiently for that to end.   

Now, let’s move on to the two platforms I love! Shopify was the answer to Healthy Tote’s website and store/shopping cart. I have been using Shopify for two years and absolutely love it. It’s user friendly and easy to update and make changes.

There are Apps for anything you possibly need. I’ve used apps for affiliate programs, shipping, and customizing products. There are templates and affordable custom template options to fit any industry. The reports are easy and used frequently to pay sales tax or analyze the sales for the time frame you need. One of my favorite things is “live visitors.” There is a map that shows the location of live visitors on your site at that moment. Shopify is a great solution for small businesses that need a shopping cart.

Wix is another website design platform that I love! Recently, I used Wix to help my husband build a website for his company. He has no experience setting up websites and it was a breeze for him. My coaching website, nataliebonkowski.com, was created using Wix as well. The best thing about Wix is you can move anything, anywhere. There are no limits. Super easy to use, and inexpensive. Blogs, videos, scheduling, payments are all built into Wix. I have not used the shopping cart function, but Wix has that too! I am currently planning my next website build for one of my kids. I can’t wait to get started using Wix again.

Websites are super easy to build these days. With a little time and patience, you will have your site up in no time. Comment below with your favorite site builder or questions.

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