Our Water Bottles are Getting the Love

Sometimes we forget to share about the accessories we offer at Healthy Tote. I was reminded of this lately when I realized water bottle sales are up! Here's the story behind our water bottles.

Our vision for Healthy Tote was a bag that keeps the day's necessities by your side, all day long. Necessities that make it easier to avoid fast food and convenient stores. A bag that keeps healthy foods, snacks, and water attached at your shoulder. 

After we finished the very long design process of Healthy Tote and inventory was finally in our possession, we realized we needed a really good, durable water bottle to compliment our bags. We searched, tested, and finally fell in love with EcoVessel water bottles. 

EcoVessel water bottles are amazing! They meet our checklist of wants in a water bottle. 

*Stainless steel to keep it cold

*24 oz-just the right size 



Let me comment on the "durable." I have 2 kids, one in elementary and the other in middle school. I have bought them MANY water bottles through the years. Our EcoVessel are still in use after 2 years! I see them lasting many more! My kids carry these bottles EVERYDAY in their backpacks! My daughter even carries two! We love these water bottles!

If you are in need of a durable, water bottle that will keep things cold for over 24 hours, check out our selection here

If you have one of our water bottles, comment below and let us know what you think!


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