New Goal: Take Less Photos

Never would have I imagined I would set a new goal to take less pictures. As I was uploading photos, organizing, and getting them backed up, I realized something. I have way too many pictures. Technology these days and our glorious phones with plenty of storage, I tend to hit the picture button a lot. Not only do I take a lot of photos, I take multiples of the same shot. Yes, I am hoping to get the perfect picture and the perfect angle. But really? Do I need 10 pictures of the same thing?

This got me thinking. How often am I behind the camera (phone) and not really seeing life as it unfolds? Viewing through a lens doesn’t give me the same feeling and experience as watching without a filter. With a camera, I worry about getting the picture and trying to capture the perfect moment. I am missing the actual experience. How many things in life have I “missed” because I was not truly in the moment? With 3,000 pictures on my phone for 2017, I apparently missed a bunch of moments.

Here’s a look into new goals and system for picture taking:

  1. Take less pictures. When I am trying to capture a moment, don’t hit the button 10 times. Two or three will suffice. I’ll never look back at photos if I have thousands for each year. 😊
  2. Each week look through photos from the previous week. Delete duplicates or blurry photos.
  3. Upload photos for storage more often than once a year. My new goal is every quarter. (I currently store all my photos on Google Photos. It’s an amazing free option with face recognition and fantastic sorts.)
  4. Each year, I print most of my pics and put in photo albums. Each kid has their own set of albums. This is always a big project each year. I write the year on the backs of photos and sort per child. This year’s goal will be to start looking into photo books that I can have printed. Then hopefully implement that in 2019.
  5. Be present in life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t insist on capturing every moment. Take a few photos and let the mind absorb what’s happening. Then tell the story to the grand-kids one day!

This is my opinion on my picture taking habits. I would love to hear your thoughts on picture taking. Do you think we take too many photos? Do you think we will look back on thousands and thousands of pictures 20 years from now? I’m curious, what’s your photo taking style?

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