Marketing is Tough

There' s a ton of work that goes into starting a business.  When I started Healthy Tote, I thought how hard could it be?  I have an idea for a bag.  Let's make bags and sell them.  Sure, sounds easy.  But then I realized otherwise.  There's so much paperwork and accounting to set-up a business and keep good records.  Luckily, my background is accounting, so that wasn't too difficult.  It's still time consuming. 

Then there was designing the product.  Have I mentioned, I had seven different seamstresses help me?  The divider I wanted in this bag was difficult to make.  Each seamstress just couldn't figure out a way to do it, until I found number 7!  Number 7 did me a huge favor and made me small batch of inventory.  Each bag took four hours to sew, but I had a product!  Yay!

But then, I needed more inventory.  Do you know how difficult it is to find a manufacturer that will produce small amounts of inventory.  Finally, I found one that made a minimum of 1,500 bags.  Yes, that's an extremely small run for most manufacturers that were capable of producing a Healthy Tote. 

All of those things took many years and I realized just how difficult starting a company can be.  And here were are at the next phase, marketing and selling Healthy Tote.  I think this may be even more difficult than all of the previous steps!  How do I convey my story and tell you the meaning and purpose behind Healthy Tote?  How to I show you just how Healthy Tote can help you?  How do I prove, "it's NOT just a bag?"  How do I let you really see a Healthy Tote in action and decide if it's the right bag for you? 

To answer those questions, we are learning and working diligently to give you those answers.  For instance, we have a photography shoot scheduled soon to update the website pictures.  We are working on new blog posts to tell our story.  We are working on another video series on what Healthy Tote is all about.  Did you see this series?  Finally, for the month of August we are having a big sale!  Everyone like a big sale!  Maybe, if we drop the price to cost, then it will give more people the opportunity to purchase the bag and see what it's all about.  Then you can spread the word just how awesome Healthy Tote bags are!  Starting August 1st, go to our website and check out the sales.  Our goal is to offer the bags at these temporary prices throughout the month of August.  However, inventory is limited!

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