Lunch Bag Selection and a Question for You

Last week we posted about our awesome water bottles. We realized we focus a lot on our bags, and rarely on our accessories! Today, we are excited to share our lunch bags with you! 

At Healthy Tote, we make sure the lunch bags we carry fit inside our totes. The purpose of Healthy Tote is all-in-one. We try to eliminate the need to carry multiple bags. I say "try" because I have some some teachers carry 5 or more bags before!

We carry three types of lunch bags: neoprene, canvas, and microfiber. We are very happy with all three types. (Again, we research and try the products our before offering on our site.) 

Neoprene: It's great because you can throw it in the washer and it will last forever. We love that it's simple, durable, and you can squish it in your bag no matter how full your bag already might be. (We may have tested this a few times.)

Canvas: These lunch bags are classic to go along with our Classic Totes. They clean up easy and fit just right in our Healthy Tote.

Microfiber: Our favorite thing about these lunch bags are the cute prints available. They are also easy to clean and very reasonable in price! 

You can't go wrong with any of our lunch bags. You can check out all our lunch bags here! 

Don't forget free shipping. Order yours today!

Now-Question for You-What's the number one thing you look for in a lunch bag? Comment Below


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