It's Summer! What are you doing?

It’s summer!  We have a house divided when it comes to our thoughts on school.  My son is super excited to be out for summer and my daughter is sad to be away from school.  This mama is happy, happy, happy to not pack lunches, deal with morning wake-up and rush, or help with homework each night. 

Of course, we do have a new set of problems.  We have many bouts of excessive boredom, childcare costs, and the tendency to stay up a little too late at night.  When we stay up too late, then this mama and dad struggle to wake up in the morning for work.  I love change and think change always brings great things.  So three months of summer break is a change and a nice reset for all of us.  

When summer is over, I’ll be excited for the change again.  The normal routines will be welcomed, but for now…enjoy summer.  What’s on your summer list of things to do? 

Here’s what we have done or plan to do:

Beach Trip (our big trip of summer)

Day at the Lake

Day at the Trampoline Park

Check out a new BBQ restaurant that has been on our list

Many days swimming at Grandma’s.  (G-ma is what we call her.)

A slumber party with friends. 

Bowling (a few times, maybe.)

Watch our favorite movie (Another Fast & Furious movie will be on DVD.  We will watch all the previous movies leading up to the new one.)

That’s our list.  What’s on your list?  What are some things you have planned for Summer Break?



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