Is your Floor Plan making you Fat?

How many times do you walk past your kitchen per day? How many times do you walk past your pantry? Most of us want an open floor plan. You know, the house with the kitchen, living area and dining room all together. I have watched many episodes of House Hunters and everyone is looking for that open floor plan.

Why are we looking for the open house plan? Some want the open floor plan for socializing, get-togethers, and parties. Some want an open floor plan so the family is all together when Mom or Dad is cooking while the kids are watching TV. We eat 3 times a day so the kitchen really is an important room of the house.

I have an open floor plan BUT it is making me fat! I am in my kitchen all the time. If I am in the living room, I am also in the kitchen. If I am in the dining room helping the kids with homework, then I am also in the kitchen. I walk past my pantry every time I go to the kid’s rooms, the washroom, the garage, the playroom. I realized that when I pass the pantry my senses perk up and I feel hunger. I can feel full on my drive home from work but as soon as I walk into my kitchen I want to eat.

Why is my kitchen calling me and taunting me when I pass by? Why am I drawn in by the thought of food? Why do I stand at the pantry doors and stare into space looking for something to eat? The pantry is the last place I need to be looking for food. Processed food, crackers, chips, bread? Not what I need.

I think there are a couple of reasons for my haunted kitchen. First, the kitchen is associated with happy times. The last party we had at New Year’s or Valentine’s Day when my family came over…all reminders of happy fun times. Everyone hung out in the kitchen. Also, I have used food as a drug on many occasions—during sad times or bored times. Eating more than I should during those times takes me away from the emotions I am feeling. The kitchen, food is my therapist.

What can I do to fix my issue with my floor plan? I do not think the solution is building a wall around the kitchen, nor will my husband let me. My first step is awareness. I know I have an issue with my kitchen and pantry, I will make a conscious effort to change the way I give in to my senses. I will focus on eating when I am hungry rather than just because I am hanging out in the kitchen. I will fight the urge to open the pantry doors when I pass by. I think I will make a sign to hang in the pantry to remind myself to first decide if I am hungry before I eat. Have I already properly fueled my body today? If it is time to eat, then what nutrients do I need? I am going to take focus off the taste and senses that food gives me and focus on the needs. It will be a long process to change, but I have time.

I would love to hear from those with and without an open floor plan. Do you eat more because of your house plan?

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