Hurricane Harvey & Bag of the Month

We are going to continue the sales of the August "Bag of the Month" to help with Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Our last vacation this past July was to Port Aransas, Texas.  That's our vacation spot each year.  My parents started taking me to the Texas beach of Port Aransas when I was a little girl.  My parents visited there when they were kids as well.  It's a central Texas thing.  That's just what you do.  You go to Port A each summer. 

Port A vacations are days on the beach, riding the golf carts and stopping at Bron's to pick up drinks.  We always eat at Virginia's on the Bay and the Pizzeria before we leave town.  At night, we take the kids out with flashlights and buckets to go sand crab hunting.  My kids have become professionals at catching crabs with their hands on the beach.   

We always rent a house with a pool so that we can just relax.  The kids can swim and we can sit.  It's just the perfect vacation.  The weekend Hurricane Harvey came through I was drawn to the TV and storm chasers on social media.  Watching and waiting to see if our favorite spots where still there.  My daughter's pink sunglasses and ankle bracelet were our last purchases from a souvenir store that has been destroyed.  So crazy! 

My heart aches for anyone affected by a hurricane or natural disaster.  Our hearts are in Port A.  We can't be there to help with clean up, but we want to do what we can.  Our schools and communities have been giving and we want to also!  Our August bag of the month, "Live, Love, Texas" is appropriate for a little fundraising.  We will continue sales of this bag and proceeds will be sent to the Port Aransas Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund

Let's help our friends.  Here's the link to purchase the bag.  Healthy Tote-Live, Love, Texas

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