How to Have A Great Day

Did you know that the beginning of your day sets the mood for rest of the day? It’s true. If you wake up late or run out of coffee, the remainder of your day seems to be full of failures. However, when you start the morning on a positive note, like a good workout, your day seems to be more pleasant.

Here’s a list of some things you can do in the morning to start on a positive note. Make these happen before you leave the house each day.

  1. Read something positive. Read an article or quote from your favorite motivational writer or a Bible scripture to get your day going. The Daily Motivator is one of my favorites.
  1. Get your body moving and workout. A workout will release those endorphins that will lead to feelings of happiness. Try the scientific 7 minute workout or a nice slow walk if you don’t feel like pushing yourself so early.
  1. Have a cup of your favorite drink. How about a flavored coffee or protein shake? Something that makes you smile. Note: Avoid alcoholic beverages.
  1. Do not rush. Rushing creates stress and anxiety. Allow plenty of time in the mornings to do what needs to be done. Prepare anything you can the night before, like picking out clothes and packing a lunch.
  1. Dress for success. Most people are positive and confident when they feel good about themselves. Taking a few extra minutes to wear a little more makeup or heels; it may just be that confidence you need to have a great day!
  1. Be productive. To start the momentum for a productive day, accomplish tasks first thing in the morning. Do the dishes, sweep the floor, or file that stack of papers. Any little task will start the day on a good note.

To have a great day, we must have a great morning. A great morning is possible for you! Even if mornings are not your thing, start getting up earlier each morning by just 5 or 10 minutes. You can gradually increase that time at your own pace and your body will adjust over time. A happier more productive day is possible. We just have to try.

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