Have you ever had an electronic free weekend?

I thought about it once.  Our family took a trip to the deer lease for a few days.  We start our 4 hour trip and the family has all of their cords for their phones and tablets.  Everyone is plugged in and connected.  My phone’s GPS is plotting the course.  I always use the GPS on trips, so that I am aware of the traffic ahead and I like to know our expected time of arrival.  All is good, until we reach a 2 hour section of road with no cell service.  What!  This is when I started to realize just how dependent I am on my phone.  My husband knows the way and we don’t even need the GPS, but I like it.  That was the longest two hours.  I kept checking for service and the kids kept asking when they could use their tablets and phone again.  What an eye opener! 

When we arrived at the deer lease I was still shocked about how two hours without our phones drove us crazy.  It was only two hours.  What is this world coming to?  Technology is such a big part of our everyday life.  I mean, I know this.  I’m an accountant and use a computer every single day.  But, wow…I am really surprised how dependent I am on my phone.

For rest of the trip, I thought about this every time I picked up my phone.  I began to analyze my intentions each time I used my phone.  Was it necessary?  Can I do without the phone at this moment?  The majority of the times I picked up the phone, I didn’t really need the phone.  It was out of boredom or sometimes it was purely out of habit.  This really made me aware of my phone usage as well as the kids.

Are my kids on electronics too much?  Yes, they are.  There is a time and place for everything.  Our phones are so handy and provide us with so much information.  Too much information, sometimes.  This has been my eye opener and made me more aware of our time on electronics.  Another work in progress for our family.  We are not perfect, but we are always moving forward.

What’s your opinion on phone and electronic usage these days?

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