Have you been neglecting this in your life?

Recently, I had been feeling, blah. I knew the winter weather and lack of sunshine had brought me down. But spring has sprung, and the sunshine isn’t playing peekaboo behind the clouds anymore. It’s out and in full force. I do feel better, but why do I still have some blahs hanging around?

Hum? I looked down and noticed my long sleeve old-beat up shirt and long workout pants that I have been wearing all winter. Blah. That got me thinking about what I was wearing to work. Jeans, a plain V-neck t-shirt, athletic shoes, and a jacket. I’m always cold wherever I go, so I typically keep my fleece jacket with me. Blah. The jeans and shirt selections have been picked each morning with the following attitude: “It’s cold outside, I don’t care. Let’s just go to work and get back home.” That attitude. Wow. Can’t we act like we care just a little? I mean the sun is out now and all. Get it together Natalie.

I’ve spent plenty of time the last 5 years working on body image mental issues and loving me. Based on my attire, you sure wouldn’t be able to tell. I do still love myself, but somewhere buried in winter, I lost my drive to care for me. I mean, a family to take care of, a job, another job and life. How did I forget to take care of me? It happens. It does.

Then there was this really cold day in spring and I found myself watching tv. I may have binge watched a few episodes of “What Not to Wear.” Wow, all I can say is wow. Women, we are so dang hard on ourselves. Episode after episode of women not loving themselves and hating their bodies. It was truly sad. Then the transformations, oh my goodness. It was amazing to see these women fall in love with their bodies again. To see that no matter what, there is beauty there. We are all beautiful women. God wouldn’t make something that wasn’t good.

So, the next day, I found myself at Marshall’s to shop for a few new pieces of clothing. Not because I don’t love myself as I am, but because God gifted me, “me.” It’s my duty to take care of this gift. The attitude of not caring was not serving me. When I don’t care, I lack confidence and my attitude is just not where it needs to be. When I care and dress like I care, I am unstoppable. I am proud. I want to do a good job. I am happy. And then life is just a little bit better. (and my family is happy)

I never thought that watching tv could motivate me, but that cold spring day it did. I also took note of the dressy jackets that these women were wearing, and I solved my “always cold” problem. That day at Marshalls, I picked up 3 nice jackets. Now, my fleece jacket sits in the car for weekends and every time I go to a restaurant.

Here’s your challenge. Have you been neglecting self-care in your life? Why? You are beautiful. I promise, it’s there. Look in the mirror and find it. Take a few minutes each morning to make the rest of your day unstoppable!

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