Happy New Year!

Another New Year's!  The older I get the quicker those new years come.  It just seems that time is moving faster and faster.  I know that's impossible, but goodness, it sure feels that way. 

We are excited to bring you so many new things in 2017.  We finally have new inventory, so we'll be able to print more bags with new artwork.  There are some twirl moms and volleyball moms that have been patiently waiting for bags!  It has taken way too long to get this new inventory, but after many hurdles to cross, we have inventory again! 

Insulated water bottles are my utmost favorite thing to advertise this year!  I was so tired of carrying around a yeti.  I tend to be a little clumsy and I knock it over often.  The insulated water bottles that Healthy Tote offer are triple insulated and so easy for me to just throw in my bag or carry around.  A lot less spills for me and I love the straw.  

We stepped up our game in the lunch bag category as well.  We now have many new choices.  And each and every one of them fit nicely in a Healthy Tote.  We offer a wide price range, with something for everyone.  

Finally, we are excited to introduce our Health and Wellness Journal.  This journal was written by yours truly, Certified Health Coach.  Our journal focuses on so much more than food and exercise.  To make lasting habit changes, you must focus on your entire well-being.  Finding happiness is the secret key that will then propel your life into change.  We focus on finding true happiness in our Health, Finances, Spirituality, Love & Relationships and Career.  We want our journal to change your life and be who you want to be!

It's going to be such an exciting year!  Be sure to check out our Girls' Night Fit Night, Teacher Gift Giving and Are you Tougher than a Healthy Tote series.  Each of these are new and exciting this year! 



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