Favorite 5 Dehydrated Snacks

Processed, prepackaged snack food is everywhere! These tasty little treats are easy to take along or pick up on the go. They fit in our hands perfectly and travel well. Although they are tasty and convenient, they are horrible for us. Filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, and preservatives, these foods are not the fuel our body needs! No wonder we are addicted to sugar, salt and junk! Healthy options are difficult to find in our unhealthy world.

The only way to ensure our bodies receive the fuel and nutrients we need is to be prepared. We can’t depend on the corner gas station to have what we need. We must plan, prepare and travel with good healthy foods.

A food dehydrator is the answer for healthy on the go snacks! There are many advantages to using a dehydrator. The number one reason to use a dehydrator is that minimal work is involved. The only “work” involved is seasoning your food, placing in the dehydrator and taking the food out of the dehydrator. Next, dehydrated foods last for almost forever. A quick google search will show that some foods can last 30+ years if stored properly. Another advantage to using the dehydrator is that your snacks are small and compact which make them easy to take anywhere. Finally, the food tastes great!

Here are my Favorite 5 Foods to Dehydrate:

Follow the instructions for your dehydrator.

Green Beans-Large bags of frozen whole green beans work best. Cut top of bag and drizzle olive oil and salt into the bag. Arrange green beans on dehydrator trays and follow instructions with dehydrator. Usually 24 hours of dehydrating for ultimate crispness!

Bananas-Simply slice bananas and place on dehydrator. Be sure to divide these up in separate containers or bags per serving. These are very easy to over-eat! Yum!

Okra-Frozen WHOLE okra is the easiest. Olive oil, salt and dehydrate. Crunchy!

Apples-Slicing required. A mandolin slicer is an easy solution to slicing apples. No seasoning required. Cinnamon would make a great addition.

Squash/Zucchini-A mandolin slicer would work well with this also. Olive oil/salt can be used but not necessary. Large squash or zucchini can make a great substitute for chips!

The seasoning options and combinations are endless for each of these veggies and fruits. Don’t be afraid to try something new and see what you like.

Now, you can skip the lines at the gas stations and convenient stores. Your dehydrated snacks are convenient and healthy too!

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