But it really is the most important meal of the day....

Yo momma was right. Eat your breakfast. Food is our fuel and skipping breakfast can cause you to feel tired and worn out by 10:30...and no one wants to listen to your tummy churn its way through that extra cup of coffee you had. Breakfast (on a workday) should be something satisfying, easy to prepare, and filling to prevent the mid-morning blues and to get you going for the day. Below, I have included some of my quick go-to breakfast meals for this mom on the move:

  • Egg muffins—super filling (my husband claims one is enough for him) and easy to make ahead of time. The nice thing is that you can personalize them with ANY combo of ingredients. The whole world of cheeses/meats/veggies is in your hands...be adventurous so you won’t get bored.

P.S. My favorite is chopped ham steak and broccoli. Mmmmm. Just reheat in the microwave for one minute. Oh...and they freeze well!!



  • Good ole yogurt with honey, fruit & wheat germ—EASY!! I use plain Greek yogurt because I love the sour notes that Greek yogurt has. Combined with a drizzle of local honey (helps combat allergies!!), a sprinkling of blackberries and a generous shake or two of Wheat Germ, you are set for a protein/fiber/antioxidant packed breakfast.
  • Roasted peanut butter & wheat toast (drizzle of local honey, if you are feeling fancy)—most everyone has these ingredients in their house, so I consider this my staple for that empty refrigerator breakfast. It is also perfect for a good breakfast prior to a run.
  • Another easy make ahead is hard-boiled eggs. Some people find the distinct odor of a boiled egg off-putting, but man...nothing beats a hard-boiled egg with a sprinkling of hot sauce to wake up your taste buds. Just be sure to peel them while they are slightly warm...the shell comes off super easy and won’t look like you peeled them with a chainsaw.

So be sure to start your day with a breakfast that will keep you going throughout the morning and to keep your hunger pangs at bay. It will make your day eggs-tra awesome! (Insert groan here....)

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