Build it in the Winter

Have you ever heard the phrase “build it in the winter?”  What the heck am I talking about? There’s lots of things you can build in the winter, but this is one of my favorite quotes.  “Summer Bodies are Built in the Winter.” 

Think about that first warm day of spring when you pull the shorts out of the closet.  (Or maybe some of us from the south have been wearing shorts all winter.  Go ahead and play along.)  You haven’t worn shorts in months and it’s so exciting to wear them again!  The season is changing and the weather feels good.  Your mood is good.  The season change brings a new perspective, new attitude, and new hope.  What happens when you put those shorts on and they are too tight?  That new spring attitude quickly turns into frustration and disappointment. 

Here’s what I am proposing:  Start today!  Today, I said!  You still have time, to work on yourself before spring and summer arrive.  While you are wearing your warm baggy sweaters, you can work on your body.  It can be your little secret and no one has to know.  Start changing your eating habits.  Today.  Start getting a little exercise in your life.  Today.  Start feeding your mind positive things.  Today.  Listen, today is your day.  It’s your opportunity to get what you want out of life. 

Imagine the first warm spring day when you put on those shorts.  How do you want to feel?  You can make it happen.  I promise.  You have what it takes to make change.  Just start by making a few changes, you can do it.  Listen:  I’m talking to you.  You can to it! 

So, what are you going to do today to make change in your life?  Comment below. 

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