Baseball and Baby Wipes

How do you feel when you hear.... ”Mom, I had an accident in my pants.” ???

Yep, that happened. Imagine you are watching your son’s baseball game and your daughter comes up with that fantastic news! The stomach bug got her or maybe it was a bad hot dog. Either way, you are in a situation you wish you weren’t. You are 30 minutes from home and you carpooled with your husband, which is a coach. The game just started. You are stuck at a baseball field with horrible restrooms.

Let’s talk about those restrooms. We were at an older field with two restrooms for around 200 people. Neither one was labeled boys or girls. Those boys can make quite the mess! Each time we used the restroom, we had to clean the toilet first. Since there were only two stalls, there was always a line. It was a really bad place to be with a child with stomach problems.

The story actually turns out alright and there is a reason for sharing this unpleasant situation. This was a time in my life that I was thankful for my Healthy Tote! I carry a variety of things in my "Baseball Mom" Healthy Tote. You know, the usual things you need at a baseball game - sunflower seeds, water, gum, band-aids, tissues, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and Advil to name a few. The prized possession that day was baby wipes. Thank you for baby wipes in my bag! I did not have to go out to the car to get them, they were right there with me. We were able to get our accident cleaned up and drive over to a McDonald’s. We now had a restroom without a line and with a/c. We waited until the end of the game and picked up Dad and brother. Here’s the funny thing. No more tummy problems once we were at McDonald’s. Isn't that how it always goes?

Here’s even more ways my Healthy Tote helped me that weekend. It was a 4 day tournament and I used that bag everyday!

1- One of our players was hit by a baseball. I provided the Advil to help with the pain. The kid’s mom had some in her car, but mine was with me in my bag.

2-Money saved on sunflower seeds, water, and gum. We drank our waters from home and ate our sunflower seeds before going to the concession stand. Our concession sells ring pops for a dollar. We can buy them for a quarter at the grocery store.

3-Baby Wipes-Not only did our baby wipes help with our accident, they were a sought after item. The moms passed them around and used them to clean up the disgusting restroom.

4-Band-aids - Yep, band-aids too! My daughter plays with the other siblings during the games. They are always getting scrapes or scratches.

5-Sunscreen-Out in the sun for a four day tournament may require some sunscreen. I leave the sunscreen in my bag so I never forget it.

In fact, I have a Healthy Tote set aside just for sporting events. It stays packed with the necessities so that I do not forget something. It makes it so easy before games, I just add the waters and snacks and I am ready to go. One less thing to pack and think about on game days!

Healthy Tote - Simplifying Life, One Bag at a Time!

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