A Note to Moms of Littles

It had been years since I attempted to take my kids to the hike and bike trail. Before children, the hike and bike was a productive place for me. I would walk, sweat and leave feeling on top of the world. Once my first child was born, I thought, oh I can go to the hike and bike and push him in the stroller. It would be great for him to get out and get some sunshine, see the ducks and other people in the park, and I would get a great workout. But nope, first born hated the stroller. He wanted out! I tried several times over the years, and the hike and bike only brought me frustration.

Then four years later, baby number two was born. This time, I thought I would give the stroller a try with the new baby and let the four-year-old ride his tricycle. That didn’t work either. Walking was supposed to relieve stress, but it only caused me great anxiety. The four-year-old would try to ride too far ahead and I spent the entire time worrying and yelling. It caused stress and I’m sure my cortisol levels shot through the roof. That wasn’t good for my weight loss efforts!

Today, my children are 10 and 6 years old. We went to the hike and bike trail for the first time in many years. And…it…was…amazing!!! They rode their bikes a little ahead of me, but stopped and came back without me yelling for them. In fact, I did not yell at all this time at the hike and bike trail. It was so peaceful and fun. I watched them ride their bikes and watched them laugh, as I walked as fast as I could behind them. I was thrilled when they stopped to wait for me before crossing the road. I didn’t have to tell them to wait, they just knew. We all left feeling amazing and happy!

For those of you with small children and currently frustrated with some of your situations or limited ability to live life the way you always have, “I’m sorry and feel your pain.” I’m sure you have been told many times before that this season will pass and the problems you have today will be long gone. It’s true! Take a deep breath and try to find ways to enjoy your children at whatever age. Find peace and know that yes, it’s hard, but it is not forever. Your life may be currently limited in some areas, but those will change time and time again. Oh, and just because you see another mom successfully doing something you want to do, doesn’t mean you are a failure. You don’t know her current situation. Keep your head high and make the most of where you are right now, because in a blink of eye, your life will change, and again, and you’ll have a new set of frustrations.


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