3 Common Problems that Healthy Tote Solves

It’s Monday morning. The clock is ticking. You have to get everyone out of the house with bags, lunches, and coats. Did they all brush their teeth? Does it really matter at this point? You hate to be late. Did someone move the clock ahead because time keeps disappearing? What about yourself? You made a commitment to you that you would eat better this week. Did you pack your healthy lunch, snacks, water…Water? Did you pack your water? What about your gym clothes? You are going to the gym during lunch today, right?

Does this morning rush sound familiar? It does to me! There are some mornings that I really feel like the clock has been moved ahead. Where does the time go? Why do we have so much stuff we have to pack every day? Why do we have so many bags? These are questions that I was trying to solve when I designed Healthy Tote. I was tired of carrying a brief case, lunch, gym bag and purse every day. I had become the bag lady and that was just MY stuff, not the kids.

Healthy Tote was designed to reduce the number of bags you carry. Currently, for me, Healthy Tote has replaced my purse, lunch and briefcase. On gym days, I carry 2 bags, my Healthy Tote and my gym bag. On “rest” days I’m only sporting my Healthy Tote. Healthy Tote can carry a ton of stuff. You’d be surprised how much room is in a Healthy Tote.

Another mission of Healthy Tote is to become your tool for healthy living. Eating healthy can be quite challenging with readily accessible processed food at your convenience. Keep your lunch and healthy snacks with you at all times. If you are hungry, reach for the snack you packed with the nutrients and fuel your body needs. There are no excuses when your food is with you.

What about water condensation on your papers? Have you ever ruined a paper from a bottle of water? Healthy Tote solves that problem too. The interior of the Healthy Tote is divided to keep your food and water separated from your papers and electronics. The food compartment is vinyl lined and has water bottle holders for 2. However, I've been know to carry more!

Healthy Tote was designed to become one of your tools for healthy living. It’s a tough world out there. Adding small changes to simplify your life and fix everyday problems can make big changes in your attitude and happiness. That’s what Healthy Tote wants to do. Make your life better. Visit our website at www.healthytote.com to see what Healthy Tote is all about!

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