Healthy Tote for Homeless

Healthy Tote for Homeless 0

Let me be honest. I used to sit in traffic, stressed, ready to get home and someone would come to my window asking for money while sitting at a stop light. All I wanted was to get out of traffic and could care less about what that person needed. 

Fast forward to my daughter turning 7. This girl has a heart of gold and one day she saw someone asking for money. As we talked, her eyes were opened to the fact that some people do not have homes. Her 7 year old mind was blown. She could not comprehend that when she went to bed at night, there were people less fortunate that didn't have a bed or a home. 

  • Natalie Bonkowski
The Uncertain Future of Healthy Tote

The Uncertain Future of Healthy Tote 0

The recent Supreme Court ruling on online sales tax changes a lot of things for small business. The States now have the authority to require businesses to collect and remit sales tax to all states, no matter where you are shipping from. Crossing state lines is no longer an exemption.

As a CPA, I completely understand the reason for this and why this change happened. However, small businesses do not have the resources to file paperwork in every state and remit a return every month.

  • Natalie Bonkowski
Random Blog about Website Design

Random Blog about Website Design 0

Yes, I know this is Healthy Tote’s website. A blog is supposed to interest the website’s followers. During my brain storming blog writing session, website design came to mind. Many of you are entrepreneurs or may want to start a blog, so here goes my experience. If you have no interest in websites, then go away now. :)

For those of you with interest, I have used Wix, Shopify, Spacecraft/Vendevor, and Blogger. Prior to using any of those, Healthy Tote was created and managed by an outside individual using WordPress. Having someone manage the website was great, 

  • Natalie Bonkowski
Do This Before Attempting Habit Change

Do This Before Attempting Habit Change 0

So, you decide you want to make changes in your life. Maybe you want to eat healthy, go back to college, start working out, or just start something new in your life. Before you jump right in, feet first, you need to stop and think about the changes that need to be made.

Changing your ways or habits is not always easy. You need to be prepared and ready for whatever comes your way in your quest to make change. To be prepared, you need to clear the clutter out of your life.

  • Natalie Bonkowski
The 40's...much better than you think

The 40's...much better than you think 0

April gave me another birthday this year. Yay!!! Remember all those years when you were young, and you just couldn’t wait until you were a little older? All those milestones you wanted to get to. My kids couldn’t wait until they were old enough to ride without a car seat. My son, at twelve is anticipating getting a driver’s license. I remember the wait to get to 18 and 21, to finish high school and to buy alcohol. Oh, the waiting. It’s funny how we are never happy. We are always trying to get somewhere.
  • Natalie Bonkowski
Have you been neglecting this in your life?

Have you been neglecting this in your life? 0

Recently, I had been feeling, blah. I knew the winter weather and lack of sunshine had brought me down. But spring has sprung, and the sunshine isn’t playing peekaboo behind the clouds anymore. It’s out and in full force. I do feel better, but why do I still have some blahs hanging around?

Hum? I looked down and noticed my long sleeve old-beat up shirt and long workout pants that I have been wearing all winter. Blah. That got me thinking about what I was wearing to work.

  • Natalie Bonkowski